It is with a heavy heart that I advise of Max’s recent passing after a short battle with an aggressive, unforgiving disease.

What can I say about Max?

Rolling, rolling, rolling…

Max was quite simply one of the most enthusiastic dogs that I have had the pleasure of knowing.

When we met Max was 12 years young with an unquenchable thirst for life! As far as Max was concerned life was for living and had to be savoured… whether at home chez family (and Louis the cat) or out and about in the great outdoors!

Max loved her park time … rain,snow,wind,sun… any and all conditions were greeted equally!

Leading the way…

Max had the easy confidence and skillful knack of romping with the crew, listening to me, visiting with everyone she saw and making people feel special whilst she surreptitiously checked them out for their treat value… she was a retriever after all!

Did you call?

We are in strange, unusual and extremely trying times…. times when spirits are lifted by a simple gesture… a wave, a smile, a wag…being interested in what is being said…no judgment…. everything that Max excelled at!

Not having Max at home spreading the love is particularly hard on her peeps at this time. It is hoped that a return to something resembling normalcy will help them to remember fun times and many adventures with a friendly, caring, loving, larger than life girl who brightened the lives of everyone who had the privilege to meet her. All benefitted from the uplifting experience of being blessed with some “Max Magic”!

Run free Max…!!

Max’s peeps miss her greatly; the crew miss her enthusiastic, playful presence; I miss her beaming smile. However, I am eternally grateful to know that Max was genuine in making me feel special whenever I was in her company…a skill that she exhibited freely with everyone she met.

Run free Max!!

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