Reese decided to check out what all the fuss was about and came for a quick visit to see if she would like to have a staycation while her people were away. She enjoyed her visit and decided that she would be back soon. You’ll be very welcome Reese!

If it fits I sits…

Melba was happy to see a colour-coordinating object on the ground… even moreso when she realised that it was a dog bed! “If I fits I sits” she said, plonking herself down. Puppies can be very persuasive… and possession is 9/10th’s of the law… !! Melba… it’s yours… !!

Barley Boy

I received the unwelcome news of Barley’s passing last week. He had been unwell for a while and had been fighting a brave fight in the face of worsening illness. He’s now at peace. Barley and I met the best part of 10 years ago. I had been speaking to his people for a little … More Barley Boy

Words of wisdom…

Daisy is so enthusiastic that she finds it difficult to wait for anything… particularly when she’s at the dog park ! The Pooch House crew all know that she can have issues with impulse control. In the spirit of friendship and edification they decided to share some words of wisdom with Daisy ; Koda: “Good … More Words of wisdom…

Could this be…..

Today was the first time that I heard Melba bark. Simon, Melba’s handsome kitty, sometimes humours her, sometimes ignores her and sometimes puts her in her place (nothing nasty, he’s not that sort of chap … just an ” Oi… watch what you’re doing pipsqueak!”). Today Melba wanted to chat, or wrestle, or play…. something. … More Could this be…..


Losing a pooch is never easy… especially if they have been with you from the early days of your business. This week I received the very unwelcome news that Sophie, one of my original Pooch Walkers, had passed very suddenly. I knew Sophie when she was just a whipper-snapper and quickly learned a few things … More Sophie