Just before Christmas I received the sad, unexpected and very unwelcome news that Banyan had lost a brave battle against an aggressive and unforgiving illness.

Banyan was one of my first Pooch Walk Pooches, joining as a 14 week-old in 2014…lively, bright-eyed, intelligent and friendly.

Banyan…new to the ‘Walk
A very happy chap!

Being a newbie to the ‘Walk, and with the ‘Walk being relatively new I couldn’t have asked for a better ambassador to spread the word. Banyan was always enthusiastic, well behaved and looking to represent his breed in the best possible way…something he achieved every time he walked with me.

Wisdom personified

Banyan was very wise. He evaluated everyone and everything, without fail, watching quietly and intently with a knowing look on his face. I remember likening him to a canine Jedi…

…walk we will…


treats you have…good I will be…


and he could be very determined!

(Do or do not…there is no try!)


And do he surely did, with everything he did receiving the same measured thoughtfulness and ease of effort. Indeed, his jedi-ness led to wonder as to whether I should rebrand myself as Luke Poochwalker (for a while). However, a thought popped into my head around the very same time…

Idiot do not be…!!


A sensible and very Banyan-esque thought!

In addition to being a Jedi, another role that Banyan took very seriously was that of mentor, role model and protector to his family chum Levi. Indeed Levi was always more self-assured and walked a couple of inches taller with his chest puffed out whenever Banyan came to stay with him.

Banyan and Levi

Banyan really loved his people and his people loved him back in spades. His people feel a cavernous emptiness after such an unexpected and sudden event. Banyan has left a giant, toller-shaped hole that will take a long time to heal. Fortunately Banyan also left a multitude of happy memories in the six plus years he was with us…memories of a beautiful, loving boy that was taken far too early!

Everyone who knew Banyan misses him.

Sometimes life just sucks!

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