Words of wisdom…

Daisy is so enthusiastic that she finds it difficult to wait for anything… particularly when she’s at the dog park !

The Pooch House crew all know that she can have issues with impulse control. In the spirit of friendship and edification they decided to share some words of wisdom with Daisy ;

Koda: “Good things come to those who wait…”

Arlo: ” Patience is a virtue…”

Max : “A watched kettle never boils…”

Angus … just smiled, he knew better…

Daisy became a picture of exasperation. “Words of wisdom… I’ll give you words of wisdom !”

She then offered some of her own favourite proverbs;

  • ” The early bird catches the worm… “
  • “Actions speak louder than words “, and her favourite…
  • “Don’t keep me waiting … chuck the bloody ball already!”

The last one is new to me but seems quite affirmational ( particularly if you’re an impatient puggle !).

Thanks for sharing Daisy !

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