Could this be…..

Do we have an understanding….?

Today was the first time that I heard Melba bark.

Simon, Melba’s handsome kitty, sometimes humours her, sometimes ignores her and sometimes puts her in her place (nothing nasty, he’s not that sort of chap … just an ” Oi… watch what you’re doing pipsqueak!”).

Today Melba wanted to chat, or wrestle, or play…. something. Simon didn’t.

Watching the body language spoke volumes… following, leading, engaging, ignoring, posturing, mirroring, waiting, happiness, annoyance, being aloof … they were all in evidence.

It was then that Melba pulled the ace out of her sleeve. If in doubt or if something isn’t going the way that you want it to… bark ! And if that doesn’t work, bark again.

Could this be the beginnings of being an assertive pooch ? Time will tell.

For now she’ll have to grow into her bark… and try not to surprise herself when they happen… as that’s not how barks are meant to work.

Just ask Simon !

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