Losing a pooch is never easy… especially if they have been with you from the early days of your business. This week I received the very unwelcome news that Sophie, one of my original Pooch Walkers, had passed very suddenly.

I knew Sophie when she was just a whipper-snapper and quickly learned a few things about her that were features of our relationship ;

  • Sophie loved her people very much (I was proud to be an honorary person) and was always happiest in their company,
  • Sophie loved her toys… and chasing /carrying a ball always added impetus to her already wagging tail. (I may have been able to support that claim with photographic evidence…!),
  • Sophie loved a treat. She could hear a treat bag rustle at 50 feet and was always first to sit and show what a good girl she was, and
  • Sophie loved being outside and was never put off by anything as inconsiderate as inclement weather… indeed, all weather, good or bad, was prime walking weather to Sophie!

Sophie was always happy to see me and I was greeted with a loud, deep woof… a sound that seemed disproportionate to her size and one that definitely made unknown visitors wary of entering her property via the front gate. I found this this pretty amusing as, unless their intentions were dodgy, the worst scenario would be some “welcome licking” and the offer to give her some pooch fussage. Indeed, when watching these interactions it was obvious that Sophie had fun putting the bejabers up visitors who didn’t know her or weren’t aware that she was really a big, friendly puppy… just doing her day job and smiling as she did so !

Sophie wasn’t the greatest fan of vehicular travel. However, she always managed to minimise any trepidation when entering the Pooch Mobile, knowing that the means supported the end. The result would be a romp in the park, a yomp around Nose Hill, a visit to the Pooch House for a staycation or conversely a ride back home, tired and happy, to wait for her people!

Sophie’s passing was very sudden and very unexpected. Given a choice of some potentially hopeless long-term scenarios Sophie’s people did what they always did… put her best interests first… extremely difficult to do when someone you love and who has been in your life for 13.5 years is taken without fair notice or warning.

Dogs are buggers… they force themselves into your affections, their star burns brightly and then, always too soon, they are gone. Sophie’s people are hurting terribly. They loved her and have an unwanted, Sophie-sized void in their lives. Once the pain subsides, they will be able to remember an affectionate, bouncy, playful girl, who returned their love in spades and who was never, ever, happier than being in the bosom of her people.

Run free Sophie girl…you are and will always be, missed!

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