Harley… total recall!

Harley is staycationing over the holiday season.

Today we decided that she would practice her recall in the open … a brave decision given that the dog park was brimfull of unknown people and pooches who looked, sounded and smelled so interesting.

Initially she just HAD to go and see a few people… (you never know where the next fuss will come from !). However, repetition, persistence and lots of praise did the job (not to mention the copious amount of strategically introduced dried liver dog treats that did wonders for her concentration!).

Anyhoo, the ends justified the means. Good girl Harley!

Total recall… so good we tried it twice….!!

Happiness is a dog called Harley.

Be like Harley! Come and stay at Mr Poochman’s Pooch House… you know it makes sense!

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