Farewell Lucy…the bestest of girls…

Lucy – bestest girl

I received very sad news this week. Lucy, a long-time Poochwalker and one of our bestest girls has passed.

News of our pooches passing is never welcome…and this is particularly true of our “Luce” who had faithfully joined me for individual walks, group walks and staycations over the years.

Lucy was always pleased to see me, or my van. At that time she went from stoic, thoughtful, well-behaved pooch to an excited , puppy, always ready, willing and able to go for a romp!

Lucy and her “crew”

Seeing and feeling Lucy’s reaction to my visits, her unwavering enthusiasm, her ever-present drive and her lust to experience life was a constant reminder of why I love dogs…and why I particularly loved Lucy.

” incoming !! “

Lucy and I go back a long way. I was never sure how old she was. We met when she was 7-10 years old and we enjoyed our varied liaisons for approximately 8 years…so by my reckoning she could have been anywhere between 14 and 18. Lucy made any such calculation even more difficult as she was always fit, enthusiastic and willing to chase with members of her crew, put other park pooches in their place, see off magpies and go after rabbits (that she always pursued with a special vigour and intent reserved especially for them !).

Lucy was always a very loyal pooch…she knew who she liked, didn’t have time for any “meh” relationships and she loved unequivocally. Lucy’s people loved her and she loved them back, in spades. I loved her and always knew exactly where I stood with her.

There is a Lucy-shaped hole in her people’s world, having been a loved and cherished family member for a long time. Emotions are raw right now. The silver lining is that grief will subside over time, and memories of a beautiful dog who loved her people will come to the fore, reminding us all of how fortunate we were to have known her.

Run free bestest girl…and take it easy on the rabbits…for now…!!

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