Luther (D B Mann)


It is with a very heavy heart that I advise of Luther’s sudden passing following an unexpected medical emergency.

I have known Luther and his people since he was 16 months old (he was nearly 9 years old when he passed). From the outset Luther was a well-behaved, well-balanced boy…intelligent, friendly (aloof if he felt that way inclined), big-hearted and the very epitome of what you would want a pooch to be. I fell in love with his gentle manner, his eagerness to be a good chap, his ability to think for himself and the fact that I found him extremely good company!

Luther came along early in the genesis of the Pooch Walk and was a perfect example to put before potential clients….well behaved and respectful…and it didn’t hurt that he was a rather strapping and handsome chap! Luther was a Dobermann role model, evidencing everything that is good about his breed. This included an impressive level of patience and restraint in the face of some over-zealous encounters with dogs that felt undermined by his impressive frame.

Luther was a popular crew member. This was very evident in the gentle way that he treated the smaller pooches that gravitated towards him and the love that other crew members displayed when he was on the ‘Walk.

Indeed, in all of the time that I knew Luther I never saw him show anything but reserve and good manners with any pooches that he met. On a couple of occasions I did witness his (very loud) version of a Dobermann bellow…a kind of “bugger off and leave me alone noise” which he directed at persistent dogs that hadn’t read his obvious requests to desist. Very effective it was too!

Putting it mildly Luther wasn’t a lover of snow, which he put up with when he had to. Indeed he much preferred a breezy stroll, a bask in the sun or a ramble through some lush countryside with his people.

He was fun loving and not afraid to show his vulnerable side.

Luther was a multi-faceted chap…beloved and valued family member, protector and sometime service dog and he performed every role admirably. Luther loved being a part of the Pooch Walk crew and took this position very seriously. Everything in a dog park had to be explored, trees had to be sniffed, crew members and park pooches had to be run with, chased or allowed to chase and crew members had to be looked after and shown the “Luther way” of behaving and representing the Pooch Walk. Luther managed to achieve all of this and maintain a very cordial relationship with everyone he liked…and I am eternally grateful that this included me.

Luther and some crewmates

As previously mentioned Luther was pretty selective about his friends. There is no doubt that Luther had a bromance (poochmance?) with Angus. The feeling was reciprocated in spades. Neither seemed happier than when they were in each others company…running, chasing, wrestling or just hanging out shooting the breeze and each of them was just that bit quieter or reserved if the other was absent from the ‘Walk.

Luther’s people have been hurt hard by the untimely passing of their gentle giant and he has left a large, Dobermann-shaped void in their lives that will be very difficult to deal with. They will, in time, be able to take comfort in memories of a faithful, beautiful soul who loved them very much and knew that they always did what was best for him.

Luther’s family misses Luther.

I miss Luther.

Angus misses Luther.

Run free big beautiful boy!


One thought on “Luther (D B Mann)

  1. Kevin, we are so touched and moved by your beautiful tribute to our Luther. Thank you for posting such lovely memories and reflections.
    We know you loved Luther, and you took the finest and best care of him we could ever hope for.
    We always felt safe knowing he was in your care.
    We always appreciated your professionalism, and your keen awareness for noticing details and even the smallest changes from day to day in any of his habits or condition.
    Luther was an incredibly grand dog, and I attribute this to our knowing a wonderful trainer, who in turn, trained us! 🙂
    His shadow is ever present with me, yet he is not here….
    Be free and loved always, dear Luther Man.

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