D is for………..

Dark Dogs

This mornings Pooch Walk was all about the “D”. Everywhere you looked D-related observations could be made.

  • Deliberation (I’m going to run here and you’re going to throw the ball there…aren’t you…!),
  • Dedication (to chasing all creatures furry, feathered or buzzing…!),
  • Daring (bet you can’t catch me…!),
  • Demanding (where are those treats and that water…?),
  • Dastardly (especially if called Muttley)..none of these are…!),
  • Dribbly (some more than others…put Retriever, Noofy, Bernese or Basset Hound in the mix and you always get slobber…!),
  • Dapper (“yes, just leave a hint of grey Dahling…” apparent instructions to groomers),


  • Debonair (the names Mann, D B Mann… ),

but most obviously today, D stood for;


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