Early Halloween Happenings….

Riley (rocking his new haircut) can’t wait for Halloween. Indeed, he has already become rather attached to his spider web bandana.

"I can't wait 'til Friday....!"
“I can’t wait ’til Friday….!”

Lily (also rocking a new haircut) is taking a more subtle approach.

"Guess what I'm going to be....?"
“Guess what I’m going to be….?”

I thought she looked somewhat familiar…but just had to ask…”What?”

“Well” said Lily….”I’m trying to make my mind up…”

“It’s a toss-up between…”


" A zombie Rod Stewart....!"
” A zombie Rod Stewart….!”
"or a zombie Limahl from Kajagoogoo....!"
“or a zombie Limahl from Kajagoogoo….!”










Very original Lily…I’m sure either will be great!

An early Happy Halloween to everyone….

"Happy Halloween"
“Happy Halloween”*

(* Dog/pumpkin picture courtesy of Fox 47 Network)

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