George goes all “Incredible Hulk”…..

The shadows don’t help; however, when George saw all of the piles of cut grass on the walk today he just had to dive right in.

And in….

And in…..

For a while we had a green and brown dog

"Don't make me angry...."
“What do you mean I’m turning green….(ever the urban poet George !!)…….?”

After a while running around in the warm sun we had a brown and white dog with a tinge of green….

Or did we…?

"You won't like me....."
“Don’t make me angry…..!”

 I always thought George was kinda strong for his size…… maybe the eyes give it away….!

"When I'm angry......!"
“You won’t like me when I’m angry……!”

No more Beagle Boston Terrier Cross…just call him George the Avenger…..!

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