Taking modesty a bit Ferrari…..

When you are named after a famous racing driver who also happens to be Italian you are sure to be affected in some way or another.

Today’s walk with Enzo was pretty uneventful…sniffed some trees…found a stick…carried said stick…chewed said stick…looked at a squirrel…looked at some ducks…looked at another squirrel…rolled in some snow…said “hello” to a couple of dogs and their owners. All standard daily dog walking fare.

When we had finished I let Enzo know what a good boy he had been…well behaved and a pleasure to walk. Enzo looked at me, shrugged his shoulders and said “never mind all that…just make sure you use my best profile for my picture on your site!”.

or this...?
This side…?


This side...?
or this…?

Well, at least that’s what it looked like!

You never know what will happen on the Pooch Walk.

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