George the Ninja Pooch

Followers of my Facebook page will know that George, Boston Terrier/Beagle mix extraordinaire, as well as a rather splendid chap, has a secret life as a Ninja.

I took the opportunity today to ask him a bit more about his other “life”.

Serene George
My mind is at peace and my body is a temple.

Unsurprisingly, George was rather reticent to open up…something about a secret code and the preservation of honour.

As this time I advised him that, looking at his innocent face, people just would not believe him to be capable of living by a secret code.

Curious George
What’s that you say…there are people who doubt my abilities…?

George was taken aback by my suggestions. He just could not believe that people were doubting him.

I could see that there was a battle raging within him. On one hand he wanted to prove his prowess…on the other he wanted to contain his chi. His serenity was becoming hard to maintain.

As the battle continued to rage he muttered something about people not understanding what it was like to be a Ninja dog…the challenges and the sacrifices.

Angry George
….must maintain my calm…..must honour the code…….

Then poooof…..he could stand it no more and was gone in a cloud of smoke!

More proof (if any was needed) that the inscrutable George is indeed a Ninja.

(Check out my Facebook Page for more about Ninja George).

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