Should dogs eat grass…..the debate continues…..or does it?

Whilst walking with Wyatt today, with the sun on our backs and a nice breeze blowing across the park my thoughts turned to the ongoing debate…should dogs eat grass?

Organic Wyatt
Well….I’m not too sure about the taste and it will never beat a juicy marrowbone…..#just saying

Wyatt, in his usual candid manner, left me in no doubt as to his opinion!!

2 thoughts on “Should dogs eat grass…..the debate continues…..or does it?

  1. We eat vegetation, so why shouldn’t they? As long as it is not sprayed with herbicide or pesticide, it won’t hurt them. They do tend to barf it back up, but in the immortal words of my former vet, “Dogs are the barfers of the animal kingdom!” so it’s nothing to worry about and also helps them bring back up stuff they ate and shouldn’t have!

    1. Indeed.
      And I find that the dogs I walk with tend to be more of the “selective grazer” type, looking for the ideal length or searching out the most juicy blades of grass for their delectation and delight, as opposed to the “cram it in and bring it up” brigade!

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