Carpe Diem….or should that be Carpe Canine…?

Whilst walking with Wyatt today I was regaled with lively tales of derring do following his recent excursion to the mountains with his owners.

Let me tell you about my adventure....
Let me tell you about my adventure….

He was very animated about what he had done…where he had been…the sights he had seen, the smells he had smelled. and the absolute excitement of it all…indeed, I could see him reenacting every moment as he created and shared a rich tapestry with me.

if I close my eyes....
if I close my eyes I can see things, clear as day….

When he had finished and paused for breath I looked at him and said ” you had a great adventure….you must have really enjoyed your day…..”

Wyatt looked at me quizically and asked “what’s a day…?”

It was then that I was reminded about what is important, what will be remembered and what should be savoured as opposed to what is  just “stuff”.

Carpe Diem.....
Carpe Diem…..or should that be Carpe Canine…?

So Carpe Diem…or should that be Carpe Canine and you will always Carpe Diem?

I know what I think….

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