Everyday there’s a whole new world to experience…..

Do you ever have one of those days when you think it would just be easier to roll over and go back to sleep?

To be honest, whilst I am not a stranger to these feelings,  I haven’t had one of “those days” for a while.

Whilst I am not one for regular navel-gazing I do sometimes wonder why this is the case;

– maybe it’s being able to work in the great outdoors;

– maybe it’s feeling closer to Mother Nature;

– maybe it’s the daily excitement and energy of being involved with the Pooch Walkers ;

– maybe it’s the sunshine (before it gets too hot or too humid….!)

Whatever it is (or in whatever combination), I just know that when I look out of my bedroom window in the morning and am greeted by a view like this I just want to get on and do…

Do you blame me?

View from bedroom window (and bed) 6.30 am

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