Me…a white van man…whouda thunk it?

I have already mentioned in despatches that I never thought I would have owned a .com…and now I do.

When I lived in the UK there was always the dubious “legend” of the white van man (WVM)…someone who drove out of the darkness and invigorated (for the want of a more appropriate word) the pulse of the daily commute. Their contribution to daily life was not always viewed in a very positive way (just ask fellow commuters and road users who have had to share traffic networks with WVM’s on a deadline!). indeed, I’ve had a few near misses with WVM.

And now, a couple of years later and 4400 miles in a westerly direction (depending upon your starting point :-)) I have moved out of the SUV and joined the ranks of the Canadian WVM.

The difference here is that the Poochmobile will always be seen in a positive light by everyone involved with the Pooch Walk…a sign of fun, frolics and professional care with a smile.  As a minimum that will always be the aim.

The Poochmobile
The Poochmobile…all that a white van should be.
The Poochmobile 2
The Poochmobile…the message on the door says it all….

But still, me, a white van man…whouda thunk it?

Join the Pooch Walk…You know it makes sense.

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